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Nowra BioEnergy Plant
Nowra BioEnergy Facility


Innovating Energy are proposing to develop the Nowra Bioenergy Facility, a true Green Energy Microgrid situated about 2.2km east of Nowra in the Shoalhaven area.

The facility is designed to treat cow manure and clean food waste and convert it to nutrient rich biofertiliser and renewable electricity & biomethane.

The facility is located at 54 Terara Road, Terara, the site was previously the old Nowra Wastewater Treatment Plant, which has now been rebuilt further to the east on the same site.

Nowra Bioenergy Facility Green Energy Microgrid

Eighteen (18) local dairy farms have committed to participate in the project by providing manure from their dairy farms, which will provide a positive environmental outcome for the area. The plant will also have capacity to utilise food and food processing waste from businesses on the NSW South Coast as a feedstock to produce methane. Electrical power generation output will be 2.2 Megawatts.

What is bioenergy?

Bioenergy is a source of renewable energy that can be used to generate heat and electricity. The digestion of organic matter, such as manure and food waste, results in a biogas that can be used as a source of energy. The process also results in a by-product called digestate that is a nutrient-rich material that can be used as fertiliser.

Bioenergy facilities significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting organic waste from landfill reducing methane emissions and displacing the use of fossil fuels.

Nowra Bioenergy Facility Ma Community Engagement Process

The facility will consist of the following components:

An organic waste receival and pre-treatment hall

A liquid digestate storage tank

Two anaerobic digestion tanks

A hydrolysis tank

A gas holder and emergency flare

An electricity generation system

An office building and car park

A weighbridge and a series of internal roads

Hardstand areas and landscaping


Up to 170,000 tonnes per year of locally sourced clean food waste and cow manure will be used to produce  bioenergy at the facility

The facility will produce up to 2.2MW of electricity that will be distributed locally

Who is Innovating Energy?

Innovating Energy are an Australian company that develop, own and operate industrial scale BioEnergy plants that produce renewable energy from agriculture and food waste. We have formed Joint Ventures with European technology companies and system suppliers who have over 20 years of experience designing, building and operating ultra-modern industrial biogas plants and biorefineries, that produce clean energy (biogas/biomethane), clean water, high-quality fertiliser from organic wastes. We have a number of projects in NSW and are looking to develop the Nowra Bioenergy Facility in collaboration with the 18 adjacent farms that have committed to the project.

What assessments will be required?

The Project will be assessed under the NSW State Significant Development planning process. A scoping report was prepared in August 2021, which resulted in the issuance of Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) in September 2021. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) are currently being prepared to assess social and environmental impacts of the project in line with the SEARs. It is anticipated that the EIS for the project will be lodged with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment in Q1 2022.
As part of this process, Innovating Energy have engaged EMAP Consulting to prepare the EIS. Other specialist assessments being conducted as part of the EIS include:

Noise and vibration

Air quality and odour

Social and Community

Aboriginal Heritage

Geotechnical and contamination

Soils, water and flooding


Hazard and risk

Greenhouse Gas and Ecologically Sustainable Development

The detailed design and feasibility of the project will be informed by the outcomes of these studies, to ensure that any possible negative impacts are identified, addressed and appropriately mitigated, and that the positive impacts and benefits of the project are enhanced and maximised.
The Social Impact Assessment (SIA) will address matters important to the community by understanding the views, issues, interests and concerns in relation to the Project through a community engagement program, prepared in accordance with the NSW DPIE’s SIA Guideline (2021). Umwelt Australia have been appointed to prepare the Social Impact Assessment and will be conducting the community consultation program.

Assessment Process Community Engagement Process

How can I be involved?

Over the coming months, Innovating Energy, along with the EMAP and Umwelt project teams will be contacting relevant local and state government agencies, local landholders and residents, nearby businesses, service providers, and community group representatives as part of the assessment process, to better understand community views and perspectives on the proposed Project.
We will also be organising a community information session that will be advertised on the project website and in local media in early 2022.
We look forward to your participation and involvement.

For further information:

If you would like to speak to someone directly from the Project team and get involved in community engagement activities, please contact us using the contact details below.

 Please contact us for Nowra BioEnergy Facility  information and enquiries.

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